Using social media as a motivation tool

When I first started getting into following bloggers and YouTubers and Instagrammers, I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of “how in the world do they have something going on everyday that’s worth sharing?” At the time, I’m sure I had just spent the majority of my day lounging around in my favorite sweatpants, drinking tea, with my eyes glued to the computer screen. I’m sure I had just spent hours sifting through posts on whatever social media application I was addicted to at that moment in time. You all know what I’m talking about; it was a lazy day.

When I first started getting really into fitness and food I used to think a lot about having a blog even before I had one—what recipes I would post, what articles I would write, just ideas. I started becoming atypically active on social media with Instagram, which I used as a method to motivate myself to do cool things. I started by posting photos from my runs, pictures of meals I was making, and eventually it became kind of second nature. I developed a mantra of sorts, I would ask myself “did I do something worth Instagramming today?” If the answer was yes, I would post it. If the answer was no, I would get my bum off the sofa and get out in the world to do something to change that answer.

When I tell most people about this motto, I think the first reaction for them is usually to roll their eyes. The majority of young people in our society have some kind of relationship with the Internet and social media that a lot of watching eyes might refer to as ‘unhealthy,’ ‘dependent,’ or ‘addictive.’ While I am aware of how absurd using an application like Instagram to motivate you to be active may sound, I was surprised by just how effective this method has been. There is no better feeling then ending a day with an accomplished heart, and by using this method I’ve been able to motivate myself to seek something share-worthy in almost every day.

Don’t get me wrong, lazy days are necessary. I use mine to watch Netflix, catch up on my favorite cooking shows, plan for the future, feel cozy, and give my brain and body a break. That being said, there has been an important change in the way I process these days. Now that my lazy days are less frequent, I value them more. Lazy days now serve a purpose. I remember a few years back I would often end an unintentionally lazy day feeling discouraged and unmotivated that I had ‘wasted’ a day, done nothing productive, and devalued my time. Now that I plan lazy days into my schedule, I have a much healthier relationship with them.

It’s also worth mentioning that one can also find motivation by following the right people on Instagram and twitter and on blogs (like this one!). The people who inspired me on social media and on the Internet have been so implemental in the creation of this blog. Similarly, when you’re feeling unmotivated to get out of bed for that early morning run, there is nothing better then opening up your Instagram feed and witnessing the fitness prowess of your friends and followers. On several occasions, it has sparked a competitive flame in me that had me scrambling to put my running shoes on at record pace.

Do you use any social media applications or websites to motivate you into being active and eating well? Comment below and share, I’d love to hear from you below.

Work hard and radiate positive vibes,


Meela Dudley

Meela is the founder of health, fitness, and lifestyle blog