Raspberry-Banana Oat Loaf: A Fiber Filled Breakfast Treat

While living in Glasgow, I’ve been trying to incorporate traditional Scottish ingredients into my cooking more. This can be hard, however, as a lot of the traditional Scottish foods and snacks tend to be processed, fatty, and not very healthy (I’ll talk a bit more about the difficulties I’ve faced trying to grocery shop for healthy, unprocessed foods in a later blog).  That being said, when I stumbled across some unprocessed Scottish porridge oats I had the perfect recipe in mind!


I love banana bread and it’s variations so much, so with this recipe I added in some fresh raspberries I found at the local Sainsbury (a rare find at this time of year in Scotland) and the Scottish porridge oats to add some more soluble fiber to my breakfast.

This recipe can be made as muffins (allow 15-20 minutes for baking) or as a loaf (allow 25-30 minutes for baking) but given my limited access to kitchenware here in Glasgow, I went with the later.


To sweeten the recipe, I had to use Truvia as again there is VERY limited access to healthy, unprocessed ingredients here in Glasgow. Simply substitute this for agave or some other natural sweetener if desired. Similarly, there are very few non-dairy milks available to me, but for those avoiding dairy almond milk would be the preferential ingredient to use in this recipe. 

Each muffin or slice of loaf has only 120 calories and 5 grams of fat! Enjoy!

Does this sound delicious to you? Did you try this recipe? Let me know in the comments! Hashtag your pictures with #irieday, I would love to see them!

Work hard and radiate positive vibes,


Meela Dudley

Meela is the founder of health, fitness, and lifestyle blog Irieday.com.