Basic Three Ingredient Pancakes

Up until yesterday I was under the impression that every person on this planet knew about three ingredient pancakes. It wasn't until one of my roommates here in Scotland had her mind "literally blown" by the concept that I even figured this recipe was worth sharing. 

Disclaimer: This is not an original recipe that I take credit for in any way. In fact, I'm fairly sure every food and fitness blogger under the sun has shared it on their blog in one form or another. There are actually hundreds of variations of this recipe that include oats, chia, protein powder, and more. That being said, for the sake of any readers who may be arriving a bit late to the three ingredient pancake train, here is an explanation of how I make one of my favorite, easy breakfasts. 


Please forgive the repetitive use of plates. As I am currently living abroad in Glasgow for the semester with no access to my extensive plate collection at home in the states. For now, you get what you get and what you get are these cute yet cheap plates from John Lewis. 

Now, back to the recipe, this breakfast takes a maximum of 10 minutes to make and involves three simple ingredients: 1 egg, 1 banana, and 1 additional flavoring of your choice.

To begin, peel your banana and put it in a small bowl mashing it with a fork until it's smooth. Add in the egg, mixing with a fork until the mixture is batter-like. A lot of recipes suggest putting the banana and egg in a food processor to make the mixture lump free and consistent with a regular pancake batter, but that just seems like unnecessary work and cleaning. Additionally, I actually prefer the pancake when there are tiny bits of banana to taste (and don't worry, it will look pretty regardless of whether you blend or not).


Using one egg and one banana will allow you to make one large, fluffy pancake. Pour your batter into a greased skillet and top with the additional flavoring of your choice. I chose to break up about four organic, vegan chocolate buttons to make chocolate chip pancakes, but other ingredients to consider include fruit like blueberries or strawberries, cinnamon, seeds, oats, or whatever else you can think of using. 

Note the beautiful, ancient, tiny Glaswegian stove top. 

Note the beautiful, ancient, tiny Glaswegian stove top. 

Put the burner on a medium to medium-high heat. Cook the pancake on one side for about five minutes, using a spatula to test the strength of the edges of the pancake in order to determine when to flip. Cook the alternate side of the pancake for about 3 minutes, until you the pancake appears to be cooked all the way through. 

Finally, plate the pancake and serve! Some people like to serve their three ingredient pancakes with maple syrup or a glaze made out of protein powder, but I actually love drizzling mine with a bit of bio-live organic vanilla greek yogurt. Add fresh berries to complete! It's 200 calories for the simple pancake, 225 with my vegan chocolate buttons. 

Now I know this is a common recipe, so please if you have any creative ideas for pancake flavoring share them here in the comments below! I'd love some creative ways to spice up my favorite breakfast. If you like the recipe, make sure you give this post a like!

Work hard and radiate positive vibes, 


Meela Dudley

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