Zucchini Pizza Bites: My Favorite Healthy, Easy Finger Food

In the past I've been guilty of assuming that there was no easy, healthy way to serve appetizers at a dinner party or tailgate. Usually, I would head straight for something simple that required little prep time like a fancy cheese plate or fatty frozen fried snacks like spring rolls and pigs in a blanket. My rationale was that I needed to focus on producing the main courses or being a good host. I have now wised up to the fact that there are plenty of delicious, healthy finger foods that take no time to prepare and this recipe is one of my absolute favorites appetizers to serve!


I love pizza, who doesn't? One of my favorite childhood snacks were the tiny pizza bagel bites that you could pop into the microwave and devour in no time at all (and if you're at all like me, the anticipation has probably caused you to burn your tongue one too many times). 

This snack is a healthy alternative to the hyper-processed pizza bite forefathers. It requires three simple ingredients -- zucchini, an herby tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese--and takes less than fifteen minutes to make!

Start with an organic zucchini and cut it into slices about as thick as your pinky nail. If you're serving this dish as a finger food, I suggest using a smaller zucchini. If you're serving this dish as a side dish or a kid-friendly meal where bigger bites are in order, I suggest using a thicker zucchini (just add a few minutes to your oven time).


Put your slices on a slicked pan adding about a spoonful of an herby, chunky tomato sauce on top. My tomato sauce was quite simple, made with tomatoes, basil, lemon juice, and herbs. I usually make a large amount of homemade sauce and freeze it so I always have it on hand. Feel free to use an organic, healthy jarred tomato sauce if you're pressed for time or not concerned about processed foods.


Finally, sprinkle a small amount of an organic, low-fat mozzarella cheese on top. Cook the zucchini pizza bites at 350 degrees fahrenheit for about 10 minutes. This ensures that the zucchini is tender but also firm enough to eat cleanly as a finger food. 


The best part about these little healthy bites? When prepared, an entire zucchini makes over 25 pizza bites at less than 200 calories for the whole lot--meaning you can honestly eat as much of these little buggers as you want! Similarly, zucchini is an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B-6. The density of zucchini makes it great for recipe substitutions, I'm sure you will all be seeing plenty more zucchini recipes on this blog in the future. 

Did you try this recipe? Got any improvements or suggestions for others? Let me know in the comments! Hashtag your pictures with #irieday, I would love to see them!

As always, work hard and radiate positive vibes,


Meela Dudley

Meela is the founder of health, fitness, and lifestyle blog Irieday.com.